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A Character Design is Much More Than Just a Picture!

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Reblogs and likes increase your chances.

You can reblog as much as you want.

You are NOT required to follow me.

Give away ends 11:59pm Sunday April 30th, 2014 pacific coast time!!

If it reaches over 5,000 notes, I will do another free give away directly after this one ends.

Second give away will have new/more prizes! ;)

You have 48 hours (May 2nd) to respond before I pull another name!

Winners will be announced on May 1st on my blog and sent through private message.

Be prepared to give me your full name and address! Names and addresses will NOT be disclosed to ANYONE.

No free give away accounts!

The winner will be chosen by using


There will be THREE (3) winners!

Your choice of any TWO (2) custom made items made by me.

I WILL NOT DO COPYRIGHTED DESIGNS. I will make YOUR characters, but not characters based on copyrighted designs like My Little Pony characters or Pokemon characters.

If you do not have a character design you’re in luck ;) I can design you your own character!

If you aren’t interested in my artwork then don’t worry about any of that, enjoy my crafts!

I am able to draw most things and don’t mind mature content.

Drawings: All artwork will be single character and done traditionally. Chibi only and it will be laminated. It will be fully outlined and colored + shaded. You get a choice of badge clip or ribbon keychain. The drawing will be no bigger than 5x5 inches. The drawing can be of anything as long as it fits in those dimensions.

Felt Animal Patch: This will be about 2x2 inches and you can choose up to 4 colors of felt. You can also choose rhinestones for eyes. You get a choice of hair clip, bar pin, or ribbon keychain.

Pom Pom Animal: The pom pom is about 1 ½ inches wide. It can have up to 4 different colors of felt. You get a choice of hair clip, bar pin, or ribbon keychain.

Kanzashi Flower: The flower will be 6 petals, up to 4 colors and you get a choice of a silver or gold jingle bell. You get a choice of hair clip, bar pin, or wire stem.

Ribbon Rose: The ribbon rose will be about 3 inches and you get up to 4 colors. You can choose how the colors are put together (separate layers or meshed together). You get a choice of hair clip, bar pin, or wire stem.

Rose Bead Bracelet: You will be required to measure your wrist! You get a choice of 2 roses any color and up to 4 colors of beads. Total number of 20 beads on the bracelet.

Loopy Flower Bow: The flower will be 6 petals, up to 4 layers, and you can choose 4 colors. You get choice of a silver or gold jingle bell and choice of hair clip, bar pin, or wire stem.

Satin Bow: You can choose up to 4 colors: 1 for the big ribbon and 3 small. You get a choice of hair clip, bar pin, or ribbon keychain.

All the items in the photos above are also available for give away if you don’t want a custom order!

Remember, this is CUSTOM work so you can create any crazy combinations as long as it’s in the parameters of the prizes outlined. That means you can combine prizes (Example: A Rose Bead Bracelet with a Felt Animal Patch Attached.)

When I have all the custom orders figured out I will post updates of progress on Tumblr so you can see it being made! ^_^

I ship internationally! All packages will be sent using First Class Mail so please allow at least 1 week for me to complete everything PLUS 2 (business) weeks before messaging me about the package. **CUSTOM FEES MAY APPLY!**

This is over $100 worth of handmade goodness for free! And FULLY customizable! Spread the word!

If you have ANY questions please feel free to message me at any time.

Good luck and have fun everyone! C:

More freebees!

In the spirit of the giveaway I am doing a $5.00 off purchases of $25.00 or more in my Etsy Shop!

Type in coupon code at checkout: Giveaway1

This code also works for custom orders!




~~ Extra info/Artist Rant ~~

Why Should I Follow You?

I believe there is more value in someone following me because of genuine interest in my work. That is why I will never require someone to follow me for events like this.

So by all means if you enjoy my arts and crafts please follow me! I promise you won’t be disappointed. ;)

Right now I can only afford to make small things like hair bows, fabric flowers and felt animals, but as my business grows and I make more money I want to expand and create embroidery, music, full body costumes, sculptures and MUCH MUCH more.

I really want to be able to create my own original characters and everyone else’s into any type of art or crafts whether it be a pillow or a hair accessory or a full costume! A character design is much more than just a picture. If you’re an artist you know, they’re your babies lol. They are everything. And they should be! And they CAN be!

I post all of my work to all of the following sites but each has something special to it! Each place will have exclusive coupons and discounts/events at different times to award those who follow me on each site. I also try to keep commentary different for each to keep things unique and interesting.

 (Click for links)

Etsy: This is where you can purchase all of my products for sale. While it isn’t a requirement to purchase from this site, it is an organized place to find all of my work and all the sizes and clips I have available with images and examples. Remember to FAVORITE my shop if you want to see all my new work.

Tumblr: This is the primary location I will be hosting my free giveaways until I find a different venue. However, there will be free giveaways on the other sites as well! Tumblr is also the only place where I post my animations.

Facebook: This is where I am most of the day. I post in real time as I create my work and always accept suggestions on colors and crafts. I keep updates on what I’m going to be doing, how business is doing, new supplies I’ve purchased, new events and new crafts that I’m making, and post random life adventures that I go on when I leave the house. It’s a good way to connect with me on a personal level and to be the first to see what I’m making. I usually post everything to Facebook before it makes its way to the other sites.

Instagram: This is also where I am most of the day and is usually the second place I post to. It is a good place to request artwork of YOUR ocs (copyright and all) or to do art trades. I do requests of your characters when I have the time and send it directly to you. Because my business is original designs only, this is the only place I can send my work of your characters around without having to post it on my page, breaking the “original designs only” rule that I’ve created, and without having to email you.

Twitter: When I start going to anime/game conventions again, this will be a good place to keep in touch with me if you want to meet up! For now I only post my work and sometimes I post my thoughts or what I’m doing/how I’m feeling.

Pinterest: This is purely for organization of my products. Each board is separated in a way you can easily find what you’re looking for and quickly while being able to see the price. It is also directly linked to my Etsy shop if you see something you want to purchase.

Custom orders are always open! If you’re interested please email me or send me a message ^_^

My prices range from $3 all the way to over $100.

I do NOT do copyrighted designs and I never will. But I WILL make YOUR characters!

Why Should I Support you?

I hope to do AT LEAST one give away or contest every single month for as long as I can. I love giving back to those who give to me. With every successful give away I would like to increase winners or prizes as I continue to learn new crafts and make enough money to buy new materials.

But I can’t do any of this without money. I am not asking for free hand outs or donations, I ask simply that you help me get my name out there. So spread the word of the giveaway. Spread the word of my business brand. Follow me on other sites and share my work. If your friend is talking about getting a new accessory or wants an art commission give them my name! Even the smallest things can be a big help! ^_^

Someday I see myself always hosting giveaways and contests and other events just to give away free stuff. I hope to inspire the world to follow their dreams no matter what. I hope to support other upcoming artists and help the world change their belief that art is not a good career choice.

I work all day everyday on improving my art and learning new things. And this is the happiest I have ever been in my entire life. I made the very rash decision to quit my job and start this business with no prior knowledge of how business works. But despite everything, I am very happy with this decision, and given the circumstances again, I would do it all the same.

So come on this adventure with me! Let’s change the world together c:



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Alright so I haven’t posted in 4 ever and got bored in class so I doodled a Zero from Tim Burton’s: The Nightmare Before Christmas. Lolz I normally would use an 0.5 lead pencil but….I used 0.7 lolz I feel accomplished xD.

Alright so I haven’t posted in 4 ever and got bored in class so I doodled a Zero from Tim Burton’s: The Nightmare Before Christmas. Lolz I normally would use an 0.5 lead pencil but….I used 0.7 lolz I feel accomplished xD.

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HELL YEAH, And pls more than one ;)


HELL YEAH, And pls more than one ;)

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